REGRETLAND is the culmination of Adrienne Golday’s life’s work with thousands of people as a Success Coach and visionary.
“The story of ‘Joe’ came to me as an answer at the most difficult time in my life... moving me back into action. I believe that Regretland will do the same for my readers, moving you into your highest expression of love and self-worth. Together we will change our worlds and experience this thing called ‘Bliss!’”

Regretland's ten chapters are like a ladder with ten links, each leading the reader higher and higher in his/her quest for that ultimate state of true success and joy. It propels its readers to that level beyond measured success, the level of abiding inner contentment, peace and bliss.
A parable offering a true blueprint for living ... and a passport to life’s travels!

About the Illustrator:
Elizabeth Berg was recognized as a child prodigy at age 11. She attended special classes at UCLA and was accepted as a gifted student at Chouinard Art school. “I sensed a multi-dimensional shift in my psyche when illustrating Regretland. This book is a modern-day classic that came into my life like a wise master. The images literally appeared for me on the page and have completely transformed my life!”

“No Regrets!”
Adrienne Golday
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The Science of Gifting
THE SCIENCE OF GIFTING Change your thoughts from lack to abundance with Adrienne Golday's "Science of Gifting" guidebook.
People absolutely love the "Gifting" technique for removing one's blocks to receiving LOVE, HEALTH, and MONEY. We all want greater amounts of abundance, yet, we don't always accept wealth. This technology is all about receiving our good and once we accept abundance, we become abundant and open up the flood gates to a life of riches!"
"As a psychologist, I have found gifting very powerful for both the conscious and unconscious mind. It is a brilliant method which guarantees positiveness in your thinking for achieving whatever you desire in your life."
Patricia A. Spangler, Ph.D.
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The Rose and the Pickle
The Rose and the Pickle by Adrienne Golday offers the verity that Beauty is Uniqueness and, therefore, cannot be measured or judged.
Build your child's self-esteem with this best-selling book, loved by the young, and appreciated by all ages! Full color beautiful illustrations by Taylor Barnes and Gary Tosti.
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The Almighty Dollar Bill
An extraordinary and brilliant story with the theme that money becomes “Almighty” when spent in love to create miracels! (Full color beautiful artwork)
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